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First Fiction Friday: LOTE

While the end of summer draws ever nearer, our summer reading list does not. You'll dive into Shola Van Reinhold’s debut novel, LOTE (Metonymy Press), this summer, and it'll stay on your mind through the rest of the seasons. Through extensive research on an overlooked ...

Poetry in Motion: Rhona Mdam + Larder

Award-winning poet and trained nutritionist Rhona Mdam shares her delicious new collection of poetry,? Larder (itlin Press), in this edition of Poetry in Motion. Learn how the collection both celebrates the gifts of the natural world and mourns their increasing chall ...

ALU Summer Book Club: Follow-up Reads After Ring

With the ALU summer book club, it's never truly goodbye - especially when we have great reads on deck acting as fitting follow-ups to our summer picks. For July's pick? Ring by André Alexis?(Coach House Books), we look at a handful of novels and a poetry collection to ...

Uncover the writer behind the novel? Wan??(Freehand Books) – Dawn Promislow. In this month's edition of Writers' Block, Promislow shares how she realized writing fiction is a way for a writer to put distance between themselves and their material, how she is drawn to ...

Must Read Books: 15 Historil Fiction Novels

After watching the latest movie adaption of Jane Austen's Persuasion, we wondered what other historil fiction novels we could dive into this summer. See our roundup below. 

First Fiction Friday: Fearnoch

Fans of Letterkenny and?A Child’s Christmas in Wales,?will enjoy Jim McEwen's new novel Fearnoch (Breakwater Books). Fearnoch?is a plea for its characters to remember humility, honesty, and to see themselves in their neighbour, before it’s all gone.??

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